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[ossig] Reminder: HITBSecConf2006 CFP is closing in 2 weeks

Hey dude -- how's this?


Greetings from Malaysia  :)  

This is a reminder that the Call for Papers (CfP) for HITBSecConf2006 -
Malaysia; Asia's largest network security conference will be closing in
approximately 2 weeks (1st of May 2006). This year's conference promises
to be a power-packed event with keynote speakers Bruce Schneier (Chief
Technology Officer, Counterpane), Mark Curphey (VP, Foundstone
Professional Services - a division of McAfee Inc.) and John Viega (Chief
Security Architect, McAfee Inc.). Other invited speakers include: 

1.) Van Hauser (Founder, THC.org)
2.) Raoul Chiesa (Board of Directors Member@ Mediaservice.net ISECOM
Group & TSTF)
3.) Fabrice Marie (Manager, FMA-RMS Singapore/Malaysia)
4.) The Grugq (Independent Network Security Researcher)
5.) Thorsten Holz (HoneyNet Project Germany, Independent Network
Security Researcher)
6.) Shreeraj Shah (Director, Net-Square)
7.) Michael Davis (Chief Executive Officer, Savid Technologies Inc.)
8.) Philippe Biondi (Research Engineer at EADS Corporate Research
9.) Arnaud Ebalard (Security Research Engineer, EADS Corporate Research
10.) Nish Bhalla (VP Consulting Solutions, Security Compass)
11.) Saumil Shah (Director, Net-Square)
12.) Anthony Zboralski (Founder, HERT & PT. Bellua Asia Pacific)
13.) Jim Geovedi (Member of HERT & Security Consultant, PT Bellua Asia


All submissions should be sent to cfp@hackinthebox.org before 1st of May
2006. Your paper/presentation submission should include:

* Name, title, address, email and phone/contact number
* Draft of the proposed presentation (in PDF or PowerPoint format),
proof of concept for tools and exploits, etc.
* Short biography, qualification, occupation, achievement and
affiliations (limit 150 words).
* Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 250 words)
* Time (45-60 minutes including time for discussion and questions)
* Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)

Each non-resident speaker will receive accommodation for 3 nights at The
Westin Kuala Lumpur. For each non-resident speaker, HITB will cover
travel expenses (through our airline partner, Malaysia Airlines) up to
USD 1,000.00. 

On behalf of The HITB Team, we thank you and look forward to receiving
your submissions! See you guys in September!

HITBSecConf2006 - Malaysia: Deep-Knowledge Network Security 

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