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[ossig] OpenDocument format benefits Singaporeans. Use it



Adopting OpenDocument Formats (ODF) allows you to retain control on your
choice of office productivity suite. There are many office productivity
suites that support OpenDocument formats, such as OpenOffice,
StarOffice, KOffice and many others. 

On the other hand, you are restricted to using Microsoft Office to view
the proprietary Office documents.

Affordability of Microsoft Office for ordinary Singaporeans is another
worthwhile reason for the government to support ODF. A Standard edition
of Microsoft Office retails around $400 and a professional edition
retails around $600. The hefty prices put Microsoft Office beyond the
reach of the lower income families.

In addition, it is also ambiguous whether the licence allows a single
purchased copy of Microsoft Office to be used by a whole family of
users. Compare this with OpenOffice, which is free and you can see the
immediate benefits. 


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