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Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property Right CooperationBetween Malaysia and the US

> If they won't budge, and the government wants an FTA with them, then
> the software patent situation is inevitable. 

Battles can only be won if they are fought. TWN, Lim Kit Siang as well
as other concerned citizens have been doing an excellent job thus far
and have had some victories.

For example, Nor Mohammad in response to Lim Kit Siang's queries in
Parliment mentioned "that Malaysia will not be bound by the US
government˙s FTA fast-track expiry timetable to conclude negotiations
for the Malaysia-US FTA by early 2007".

In addition, the repeated questioning of the MITI cost-benefit analysis
paper has resulted in MoF undertaking a cost-benefit analysis paper of
their own.

There are many people concerned about the FTA, including government
officials. But, as they have told us several times, if we don't speak to
them directly (ie, write, organize a meeting, participate in forums),
they cannot be aware of local interests and represent them.

So how can you be active? Contact TWN and (a) offer them your services
to research and write papers on intellectual right issues (b) offer to
attend any governmental meetings or forums regarding intellectual rights
and speak up during those meetings/forums. This will generally put you
in touch with relevant government officials.

In addition, there are active reform activities happening in the US. For
example, there is a bill put forward to reform the DMCA as well active
opposition at all levels (judiciary, governmental lobbying, advocacy and
awareness campaigns) to promote a saner agenda regarding software
patents. Reform in the US would mean a change of stance in the FTA wrt
intellectual rights.


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