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Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property Right Cooperation Between Malaysia and the US

On 4/21/06, Ditesh Kumar <ditesh@gathani.org> wrote:

Or this might never happen even if the FTA is signed. Loopholes will be
found, new legislation introduced and it will be business as usual. You
making many presumptions in that paragraph.

Sure we can try to cheat the FTA like we did with AFTA, but bear in mind that there is a difference between messing with neighbours who can't do much to you, compared to messing with an economic superpower. That's a whole new ball game altogether and we stand to lose more if they decide to slap sanctions/embargo on us for flouting with the FTA through new legislations that conflicts with it.


The majority supports affirmative action policies. That's in conflict
with your paragraph above.

 Maybe I should rephrase my sentence. Majority of people I know. Or should I say, the non-bumiputeras. Making up 40 percent of the population, i'll say that's quite a significant number. I will be lying if I said I am pro-affirmative action. I would rather have a non-race based affirmative action along with meritocracy.

When you say /they/, who exactly are you referring to? Because every
single person I have spoken to has not appreciated any form of
domination, local or foreign.


I should rephrase the word 'domination'. Many may not see it as domination, but see it as an opportunity for more jobs and FDI coming to Malaysia. 'They' referring to those looking forward to being employed, or better paying jobs, or better career path and options. Think about the 80,000 unemployed graduates. The ah pek, the ah beng, the mutu, the ali and siti who may be looking forwards to employment in foreign MNC factories which eventually may spur the growth of local businesses nearby. The economy is stagnant now and we're not gonna go anywhere with the way the country is being managed, and we can't afford to close up like north korea either. We can't even properly manage our own water. It is unbelievable that we're declaring Selangor a developed state when we can't even provide CLEAN TAP WATER. People may start to think, if the local government can't manage our water supply for nuts, maybe the foreign MNCs can do a much better job ? If the government is going to raise our utility bills and all that without improving the quality of service, why should I not go for an American managed service where I can receive better service, since I have to pay more anyway?

And given more choices of banking services, internet /last mile providers, celcos, supermarkets, automobile selections,
cheaper rice/food products and more choices, consumer products.... instead of having to deal with inefficient GLCs and such, it is a significant factor for consideration by the man in the street when deciding to support the FTA.

Businesses may balk, (Especially the inefficient ones) but consumers may rejoice they have more options now instead of being 'cheated' by local businesses and GLCs alike. They have more choices of affordable quality consumer products and also better employment opportunities, quality of life.

I am not trying to start any flame war here, I am just trying to picture and relay what the rest may be thinking after getting feedback from kopitiam uncles/aunties, the man in the street etc.