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Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property Right CooperationBetween Malaysia and the US

On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 02:42 +0800, jason chong wrote:

> Sure we can try to cheat the FTA like we did with AFTA, but bear in
> mind that there is a difference between messing with neighbours who

For crying out loud, the negotiations haven't even started. The
presumptions are premature.

>  Maybe I should rephrase my sentence. Majority of people I know. Or
> should I say, the non-bumiputeras. Making up 40 percent of the

So you don't mix with the bumiputera's. Perhaps you should and see how
they feel about the fta and get a more balanced point of view.

>  population, i'll say that's quite a significant number. I will be
> lying if I said I am pro-affirmative action. I would rather have a
> non-race based affirmative action along with meritocracy. 

Well you could get that without supporting the FTA. Don't confuse the

> I should rephrase the word 'domination'. Many may not see it as
> domination, but see it as an opportunity for more jobs and FDI coming
> to Malaysia. 'They' referring to those looking forward to being

Are people lacking jobs now? Are they being really badly paid?

>From what I see, the middle class is fairly well educated and have
stable jobs with a decent disposable income.

>  employed, or better paying jobs, or better career path and options.
> Think about the 80,000 unemployed graduates. The ah pek, the ah beng,
> the mutu, the ali and siti who may be looking forwards to employment
> in foreign MNC factories which eventually may spur the growth of local

And we already have this without the FTA.

> afford to close up like north korea either. We can't even properly
> manage our own water. It is unbelievable that we're declaring Selangor
> a developed state when we can't even provide CLEAN TAP WATER. People
> may start to think, if the local government can't manage our water
> supply for nuts, maybe the foreign MNCs can do a much better job ? If
> the government is going to raise our utility bills and all that
> without improving the quality of service, why should I not go for an
> American managed service where I can receive better service, since I
> have to pay more anyway? 

I have this strange feeling that we may be living in different
countries. Or perhaps even different planets altogether.


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