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Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property Right Cooperation Between Malaysia and the US

On 4/22/06, Aizat Faiz <aizat.faiz@gmail.com> wrote:
Personally to me, it sounds like arrogance.  Its okay to have someone
else to help you, but to completely rely on them is not the answer.  It
sounds like this is the end all solution to all our problems.  The
problem is, none of the stuff is guaranteed.  Yes they may be more
choices, but are we guaranteed that quality of life will improve and we
get better internet service, etc...

The thing is, the people can use Singapore as a benchmark of the aftermath of an FTA with USA. They're doing better than us aren't they ? If there're any complications, it will usually be a result of the incompetent government trying to play around with the FTA rules to protect their cronies, and eventually the people are the ones who suffer. Which is why some people will start to question, WHO are the real barbarians ?


Are we going to always rely on the foreign companies forever, and never
grow our local industry?

Well, look at the MSC. What has it achieved ? ;)

Look at the broadband options we have. What kind of growth is that ? Monopoly will get us no where, especially monopolies by cronies of the government. With more foreign players for this sector, we may actually see other ICT markets/business grow/flourish because of finally getting a decent internet infrastructure suitable for various types of businesses.

Look at the celco choices available in Malaysia, only Digi has the most attractive package for the consumers (competition) but they were denied 3G license not because they're not capable, but because of political reasons. The other celcos are aligned politically and they use that influence to insure their monopoly. This is not what the consumers want to see. This is an example of the kind of industry behaviour that we don't like.

You talk about growing our local industry, but you also do not see that many key industry areas were monopolized with inefficiency and we're made to pay more and getting less compared to what the rest of the developed world are getting, and we're already proclaiming Selangor as a developed state.

All this self chest thumping and denial by the politicians actually irks a lot of people.