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Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property Right CooperationBetween Malaysia and the US

On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 14:21 +0800, jason chong wrote:

> Look at the broadband options we have. What kind of growth is that ?
> Monopoly will get us no where, especially monopolies by cronies of the
> government. With more foreign players for this sector, we may actually
> see other ICT markets/business grow/flourish because of finally
> getting a decent internet infrastructure suitable for various types of
> businesses. 
> Look at the celco choices available in Malaysia, only Digi has the
> most attractive package for the consumers (competition) but they were
> denied 3G license not because they're not capable, but because of
> political reasons. The other celcos are aligned politically and they
> use that influence to insure their monopoly. This is not what the
> consumers want to see. This is an example of the kind of industry
> behaviour that we don't like. 

You can change all of this without signing the FTA. There's no logical
reason to couple the issues; in fact, much harm will come from doing so.

> All this self chest thumping and denial by the politicians actually
> irks a lot of people.

That's interesting as I find all the whining by these irked people very
irkful too. Perhaps these irked people should start holding their
politicians accountable and start speaking up instead of bitching on
forums that nobody is tuned in too.


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