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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Roundtable on Intellectual Property RightCooperation Between Malaysia and the US

On 04/21/06 18:11 Aizat Faiz said the following:
> How about getting them to consider the fact that most, if not all, of 
> Malaysia's ICT infrastructure is built on foreign software.

that's the standard argument, which begs the standard response: what are 
the alternatives to this ?

and that's usually where proponents get stuck as they're unable to showcase 
any significant mass of work or commitment to this aim by the local 
community. end result is, the pendulum swings the other way though the 
evaluators may decide that open source and lack of software patents are 
better for us.

my repeated exhortations for the local community to get off their 
collective arses and do something a little more productive than just 
heckling and ranting has only resulted in some folk branding me arrogant 
and unhelpful, but hey, the way i see it, that's how things are and that's 
how i'll call it.

the problem is now, when push does come to shove, there really isnt 
anything to show to assist in convincing the people making the call.

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