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[ossig] Someone can reply this?

Hi list,

Maybe someone here can write to The Star about Linux as an alternative?



Offer student pricing

I am writing on behalf of our student population regarding the high cost 
of an original Microsoft operating system.

According to your front-page report, “Windows warning” (/The Star,/ 
April 23), prices of original Windows XP range from RM320 for the Home 
version to RM510 for the Professional one.

The software are too costly, especially for students.

I am a lecturer at a local private university and I can't help but 
notice that most students own a notebook or personal computer.

Though there are computers available at the university's computer labs, 
students feel that it would be more convenient to have their own 
computers as this would help in completing their assignments.

We must remember that buying a computer comes with associated problems. 
What happens when the hard disk is infected by a virus?

The usual route is to reformat the computer. Then what? Installation of 
the operating system.

Don't get me wrong. I do not support the use of pirated software. But we 
must think of student interests. The current prices would be a heavy 
burden for students.

This does not only apply to college/university students but also to 
those in primary and secondary schools. Even the younger children 
nowadays prefer to use a computer to do their schoolwork.

Those who come from well-to-do families can easily afford a licensed 
Windows XP, but what about the thousands or millions of students who do 
not have that privilege?

Most of these college/university students are on National Higher 
Education Fund Corporation loans and only receive a nominal monthly 
allowance from their parents.

They also need to take on a part-time job to earn a little extra.

I suggest that students and those in the education profession be 
entitled to a discount on the original Microsoft operating system upon 
producing their college/university cards.

We definitely do not want to see students resorting to using pirated 
software because they cannot afford to buy the originals.

*Concerned Lecturer,
Petaling Jaya.** *

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