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Re: [ossig] Someone can reply this?

One more thing, I am pretty sure he / she is from Univesity Malaya ? I might be wrong .... :)

On 4/28/06, Choong Hong Cheng < hongcheng.choong@gmail.com> wrote:
The 'concerned lecturer' need to pay for it instead of asking lower price. Why use newspaper / media ? Instead he should contact Microsoft directly to ask for discounted or lower price for the softwares he intend to use. Why hide behind a media figure ? Is he expecting the public to give pressure to Microsoft to lower the price down ?

If the 'concerned lecturer' or even the students can not afford to buy it, don't buy ! find alternative solutions ! Why approach media to ask the public to lower down the price ? If that's so he should approach the foriegn book publisher to lower down their price for the technical books ?

They should start thinking out of the box solutions ! instead of depending on foriegn technology ! No wonder our local education doesn't have innovation and creativity in IT field !

On 4/28/06, Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my> wrote:
Satya Arjunan wrote:
> It seems the writer's main concern is the cost of the OS. Most of the
> applications used in academia either support Linux or there are
> equivalent OSS available

My usual disagreement here. From where I am, where I was and whom I meet
and what I see, academia does teach "Microsoft"; but not applications.
VB (still !), Access, especially Excel, IIS (in a lower dominance), and
usually ASP; at times .Net. Always MSSQL. Texts are written with WORD
and presentations are usually required to be of the POWERPOINT type.

Though I agree with William on the trolly flavour, one might as well ask
this 'concerned lecturer' why academia base their syllabus 90% on that
expensive solution. The core of the problem and its solution (contrary
to fighting symptoms) does not lie in pricing and potential
availability. It lies in the *actions* of concerned lecturers, beyond
whining publicly and begging to lower the price.


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