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[ossig] 53% of Malaysian software is based wholly or partly on open source

For discussion purposes, full text follows:


Open source spreading its wings

OPEN source is spreading beyond the operating system market and is being
utilised in other areas, such as database and customer relationship
management (CRM) software.  

About 53% of Malaysian software is based wholly or partly on open
source, according to Wilvin Chee, IDC Asia Pacific software research

In his presentation, Direction O6 Open Source Software: Its Impact to
the Marketplace, he said the Linux operating system would make up 15% of
the overall server market this year. 

“We expect Linux servers to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of
20%. Even though open source has not reached the mainstream, it is
certainly spreading its influence,” Chee said. 

He said open source has resulted in the development of new products like
OpenOffice, a freeware office productivity suite and SugarCRM, a
commercial open-source CRM solution.  

According to Chee, Linux is steadily becoming a good alternative to
proprietary software and may affect the US$407mil (RM1.5bil) software
market in this country.  

“It may affect the figure next year because some software prices will go
down. Open standards is a critical element of development,” he said.  

Chee declined to comment on the Open-Source Software Masterplan, which
is in the first phase of implementation. The initiative, which began in
2004, concentrates on desktop platforms, infrastructure and applications
for the public sector. – STEVEN PATRICK 


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