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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Open Document Format Gets ISO Approval

On 4 May 2006 at 14:17, Dinesh Nair wrote:

> with this, we can now clearly say that OpenOffice.Org supports a truly open 
> standard, and thus governments, enterprises and users should be using Oo.o 
> over software which implements a proprietary standard.

Actually there is a window of opportunity here to get as many users 
(especially govts) convinced to use ODF as possible before Microsoft 
manages to come out with their OpenXML format and sends it through the 
standardization process.  If _enough_ traction is obtained for ODF then it 
can become a real alternative standard for office documents to Microsoft's 
OpenXML.  Otherwise, MSOffice and OpenXML will still remain the only 
practical standard except that now instead of a proprietary de facto 
standard Microsoft can claim that it is an international open standard.

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