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RE: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Open Document Format Gets ISO Approval

Income tax E-Filing was a real sad case. Eagerly I looked forward to do
it, but guess what? The instructions requested for very Microsoft
specific systems to enable anyone access to it.

Its as if they are assuming they whole Malaysia is running on MS systems
when they mention that next year onwards there will be no more forms
sent by them to each of us payers. Any Mac users managed to do an

TheStar 4th May mentioned that "response from taxpayers have been very
good" but that was only 120,000 of those paying taxes. I wonder whats
the percentage like (Is it possible to have 1.2 Million tax payers? That
would make 10% who filled E-filing).

Any how, I guess they are not into open standards (for now) and
government agencies related to open source have not shown any move to
rectify things for a better future of MalaySia. Then again, maybe
retraction of IRB to provide forms next year is a sign. Some activity is
taking place.

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Actually there is a window of opportunity here to get as many users 
(especially govts) convinced to use ODF as possible before Microsoft 
manages to come out with their OpenXML format and sends it through the 
standardization process.  If _enough_ traction is obtained for ODF then
can become a real alternative standard for office documents to
OpenXML.  Otherwise, MSOffice and OpenXML will still remain the only 
practical standard except that now instead of a proprietary de facto 
standard Microsoft can claim that it is an international open standard.

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