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Re: [ossig] FC2 Linux need to upgrade

On 4/12/06, Nicholas A. Suppiah <nicholas@apiit.edu.my> wrote:
Hi all,

Fedora Legacy is considering to discontinue FC2 support. I am
considering other distros for future implementation (home user +
network) that is freely downloadable and with good software and hardware
support as was with FC2. They (Fedora-legacy) were doing a great job
keeping the OS up-to-date and timely.

As for RHEL 4, I can only reach links that require purchase of its
support in order to download. So that is out of the question.

Yes there is a list at distrowatch but I'd appreciate your kind input on
what is your preferred new system.

I'd say anything Debian or Debian-based. It's got *everything* in the Apt repository, and installing anything at all is one apt-get away. Reasons for Debian (or Ubuntu if you want something more "integrated" and cutting edge):

1. It's free as in all meanings of the word.
2. The packaging system is really neat.
3. It's supported for an eternity, and upgrading when the inevitable time comes is as easy as apt-get dist-upgrade.
4. Hardware support is as good as Linux-kernel will get you. Ubuntu is rumoured to work with/support non-free drivers etc. too, so that may give you even wider hardware support.

Right now I use Debian Etch as my workstation, and I install either Etch or Sarge whenever there's a computer which needs Linux.

I've tried Redhat, SuSE, Slackware, Mandrake... they've all annoyed me one way or another. No comment on the *BSDs. Don't really care much for them.

-= Nur Hussein =-