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Re: [ossig] FC2 Linux need to upgrade

Thanks Hussein,

I have feedbacks and many have sworn on debian in US and Europe but I
have not met any org implementing Debian in Malaysia successfully for
long term. Will try to lookout for some.

I would appreciate if the rest would be able to provide input on
implementation success in this region.

On Wed, 2006-05-10 at 02:19, Nur Hussein wrote:

> I'd say anything Debian or Debian-based. It's got *everything* in the
> Apt repository, and installing anything at all is one apt-get away.
> Reasons for Debian (or Ubuntu if you want something more "integrated"
> and cutting edge): 
> 1. It's free as in all meanings of the word.
> 2. The packaging system is really neat. 
> 3. It's supported for an eternity, and upgrading when the inevitable
> time comes is as easy as apt-get dist-upgrade.
> 4. Hardware support is as good as Linux-kernel will get you. Ubuntu is
> rumoured to work with/support non-free drivers etc. too, so that may
> give you even wider hardware support. 
> Right now I use Debian Etch as my workstation, and I install either
> Etch or Sarge whenever there's a computer which needs Linux.
> I've tried Redhat, SuSE, Slackware, Mandrake... they've all annoyed me
> one way or another. No comment on the *BSDs. Don't really care much
> for them. 
> -= Nur Hussein =-

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