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Re: [ossig] FC2 Linux need to upgrade

On 5/10/06, Nicholas A. Suppiah <nicholas@apiit.edu.my> wrote:
Thanks Hussein,

I have feedbacks and many have sworn on debian in US and Europe but I
have not met any org implementing Debian in Malaysia successfully for
long term. Will try to lookout for some.

I think I know why, sometimes it takes a while to download large packages from the internet, and apt-get dist-upgrade may download hundreds of megabytes. Malaysians' internet is still very (how shall I put this nicely) not-quite-up-to-par, which makes it hard to do such things reliably. There is also a lack of fast Debian mirrors in Malaysia.

I would appreciate if the rest would be able to provide input on
implementation success in this region.

I know a whole bunch of contented Malaysian Debian users :) But they usually don't make much noise (and they're not on this or any other mailing list), which is why you don't hear much from them. You may want to look at MyDebian, a Yahoo Group dedicated to Debian users:


-= Nur Hussein =-