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Re: [ossig] FC2 Linux need to upgrade

On 10 May 2006, at 9:27 AM, Uwe Dippel wrote:
> Nicholas A. Suppiah wrote:
>> I have feedbacks and many have sworn on debian in US and Europe but I
>> have not met any org implementing Debian in Malaysia successfully for
>> long term. Will try to lookout for some.
> How could it !?? I swear on it (and OpenBSD); but I may do so: I  
> know how to support myself.
> This is the point: With RedHat, Novell, you get support and support  
> is what you need for large scale deployment. I'm not talking about  
> mailing list and other 'nerdy' stuff. I am talking about a phone  
> number, physical address. 24/7, probably.
> Which is why Debian would be a bad solution in *such* cases.

Exoweb provides commercial Debian support for our clients. We use  
Debian exclusively on our desktops (30-40 workstations, including  
admin and finance teams) and servers. So do our clients, as we  
provide the phone number, physical address and 24/7 support. Our  
clients include medium volume publishing sites (30-40 requests per  
seconds, thousands of simultaneous users), e-commerce sites (peak  
traffic of 80 requests per second, hundreds of million Euros turnover  
a year), etc.

The point is that Debian support is available, especially since it is  
a great system for SMEs providing services. Its fixed cost is  
nothing, but allows us to compete with the "big boys" without  
investing ridiculous amounts of resources in reinventing the wheel.  
It is stable, powerful and has more packages than any of the  
commercial distributions.

If you want an example of how FOSS can encourage the local ICT  
industry, we're one of them. Without FOSS, particularly Debian, our  
company wouldn't be possible. The amount of money we would have to  
pay in licensing fees would cut our margins too thin to make it  
worthwhile. The flexibility to read and modify the code we use has  
saved us in many, many occasions. We have had Apache developers fix a  
bug for us in 4 hours of a proper bug report, on a Saturday even  
(we're really grateful for this of course).

Granted, we're in China, not Msia, but that's a minor detail. A  
competent person can set up an Exoweb equivalent in Malaysia.

Debian is just another FOSS distribution. The question of which  
distribution is appropriate for you depends on your environment and  
needs. If you're surrounded by Debian gurus, then it's a no-brainer.


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