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Re: [ossig] FC2 Linux need to upgrade

Kenneth Wong wrote:

>>> I have feedbacks and many have sworn on debian in US and Europe but I
>>> have not met any org implementing Debian in Malaysia successfully for
>>> long term. Will try to lookout for some.

[Thanks for a fervent plead to Debian !!]

> If you want an example of how FOSS can encourage the local ICT  
> industry, we're one of them. Without FOSS, particularly Debian, our  
> company wouldn't be possible. The amount of money we would have to  pay 
> in licensing fees would cut our margins too thin to make it  worthwhile. 
> The flexibility to read and modify the code we use has  saved us in 
> many, many occasions. We have had Apache developers fix a  bug for us in 
> 4 hours of a proper bug report, on a Saturday even  (we're really 
> grateful for this of course).
> Granted, we're in China, not Msia, but that's a minor detail.

But this is the one in question of the OP.
[I leave out my usual rant on the why not in MY and its underpinnings]


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