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[ossig] Mobilizing NGOs advocating FOSS


Here's another opportunity for FOSS advocating NGOs and individuals to 
help influence ICT policies for development at a global level. Feel free 
to pass this information to anyone interested in promoting FOSS.


Global Alliance for ICT Policy and Development

Inaugural Meeting

In a follow up to the recent decision of the Secretary-General (see 
press release), the inaugural meeting of the Global Alliance for ICT and 
Development will be held on 19-20 June 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
following a generous invitation by the Government of Malaysia. The 
programme of the meeting will be made available shortly. All interested 
stakeholders are invited to participate in the meeting. A registration 
form for indicating both your interest in participating in the Global 
Alliance and, specifically, your participation in the Kuala Lumpur 
meeting is attached.

The Tunis Commitment (Document WSIS-05/Tunis/DOC/7-E) contains only 2 
items that refers to promoting FOSS. The use of FOSS in item 29. sounded 
like an after-thought......*


> *28.* *We reaffirm our desire* to build ICT networks and develop 
> applications, in partnership with the private sector, based on open or 
> interoperable standards that are affordable and accessible to all, 
> available anywhere and anytime, to anyone and on any device, leading 
> to a ubiquitous network.
> *29. Our conviction* is that governments, the private sector, civil 
> society, the scientific and academic community, and users can utilise 
> various technologies and licensing models, including those developed 
> under proprietary schemes and those developed under open-source and 
> free modalities, in accordance with their interests and with the need 
> to have reliable services and implement effective programmes for their 
> people. Taking into account the importance of proprietary software in 
> the markets of the countries, *we reiterate* the need to encourage and 
> foster collaborative development, inter-operative platforms and free 
> and open source software, in ways that reflect the possibilities of 
> different software models, notably for education, science and digital 
> inclusion programmes.

Dr Molly Cheah
Protem President, Open Source Health Care Alliance (OSHCA)

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