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[ossig] CNN's Global Office feature on Open Source

Just finished watching CNN's Global Office feature on Open Source.  The 
emphasis was different from the BBCWorld's Code Breakers documentary.  
This one just featured OSS (no mention of Free Software at all and no 
interviews with Msoft too), the community-based work culture associated 
with it and how it is gaining popularity in mainstream business computing. 
 There were interviews with Linus Torvalds at his home in Portland and 
also with people from Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE) 
as well as OSDL,IBM and the recycling freegeek.org.  The programme also 
examined how the OSS way can be used in other domains and interviews were 
made with Lego, Wikipedia and SuperFlex (www.superflex.net).  The last one 
was most interesting to me for obvious reasons :)

For those who missed it and want to catch it I believe CNN International 
will be screening it again in Asia at the following times (Malaysian 

20-May-2006  	9:30:00 PM
21-May-2006 	2:30:00 AM
21-May-2006 	7:30:00 PM

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