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[ossig] MyOSS Meetup June 2006

The MyOSS June Meetup 2006 is right around the corner ( June 1st, so 
mark your calendars) and we are looking for people interesting in 
presenting.  The MyOSS Meetup is a great place to present on any new 
toys (frameworks, applications, etc) that you have been working on, and 
perhaps generate interest in the group.

Possible Topics:
Xen Virtualization
Linux/BSD Volume Management
Raid 5
Python Development
PHP Development
Working with the LAMP stack
Scribus Development/Experience
Red Hat/Fedora Directory Service
How FOSS skills and involvement is good for gettings jobs and careers
FOSS and Web2.0
Ruby On Rails/Django

Need help with your presentation?  Check out: 

Thank You,
Aizat Faiz

aizat faiz: sleep to the power of z. -_-;;^zzz
strange symphonies - http://aizatto.com/

Malaysia Free and Open Source Group:
   * http://my-opensource.org

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