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[ossig] Microsoft: Open source 'not reliable or dependable'

Microsoft: Open source 'not reliable or dependable'
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A senior Microsoft executive told a BBC documentary that people should use
commercial software if they're looking for stability.

"I don't think (open source) is anti-Microsoft in the sense that it's giving
people choices in the technologies that they use," Jonathan Murray, the vice
president and chief technology officer of Microsoft Europe, told BBC World
in the first part of the documentary "The Code Breakers," which aired this

"Some people want to use community-based software, and they get value out of
sharing with other people in the community. Other people want the
reliability and the dependability that comes from a commercial software
model. And again, at the end of the day, you make the choice based on what
has the highest value to you," Murray continued.

It isn't clear from Murray's statement which category he believes commercial
open-source companies such as Red Hat and MySQL fit into.

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