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[ossig] "What is Firefox ?" or: Where is MAMPU ?

Dear all,
the sad state of affairs, alas, to cry out loud.

Last week I was at KLICA 2006, a conference organised by the Examination 
Syndicate. Very well organised; as usual, this is what we always get right.
Only: the website (http://www.klica.lpm.gov.my/index.html) was not 
legible with Firefox; static content, to be noted. Call For Paper, as on
I brought this up with one of their IT-chaps, and the answer was: "What 
is Firefox ? Never heard about it."

This week I'm busy with eScience, the follower of IRPA. You have to file 
online. I might point out, that the site is *very* *very* slow, but 
that's quite something else.
What bothers me is, that I can't fill my forms with - Firefox !. I don't 
see any reason to call the helpdesk. They have their hands full with 
other items; like dishing out passwords and stuff. And once again, 
everyone there is *very* helpful. And helpdesk people can't be blamed 
for decisions of systems, implementation and administration.
I don't mind that the site runs on dot-net, not really. But especially 
browser compatibility is something someone could expect, IMO. After we 
had years of discussion on an IT policy and also very helpful and 
dedicated staff in MAMPU.

Now I wonder, with so many good-willing parties, what went so badly wrong ?


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