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Re: [ossig] "What is Firefox ?" or: Where is MAMPU ?

Khairil Yusof wrote:

> Is this MAMPU's fault?
> I don't hold MAMPU accountable for this. Even if they did flyers, and
> seminars and info sites or whatever.. I don't think they would have
> gotten through to this chap. :)

((that chap was Examination Syndicate; what about MOSTI ?))

I didn't point fingers, I was asking. I am honestly asking about the 
rôle of MAMPU.
Is MAMPU just an agency to be brought in on demand; then they are 
without *any* blame. If acquisition and set-up goes with MAMPU involved, 
that's slightly different.

Or, to get quite another perspective into it:
Maybe we need an ombudsperson to check that official sites are standards 
compliant. Someone *must* be in the position to check that e-something 
of government is available to everyone. I wouldn't want a nerd to 
restrict a government site to Firefox or Opera, neither. ;)
We can't leave it to a low-ranking technician to decide what and how to 
implement. We can leave the implementation, helpdesk, to that 
technician, but that technician needs clear guidelines and milestones 
and parameters of the system to be set up.
Maybe this is not MAMPU's fault; and I never said so. I only came up 
with MAMPU because they were the front-runners on including FOSS into 
government company-ware.

Maybe SIRIM is the right organisation to check on compliance; for 
example W3C compliance of government websites ?

Just enlighten me, please !


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