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Re: [ossig] "What is Firefox ?" or: Where is MAMPU ?

Or, to get quite another perspective into it:
Maybe we need an ombudsperson to check that official sites are standards
compliant. Someone *must* be in the position to check that e-something
of government is available to everyone.

I brought this up when meeting the MAMPU folks the other day, the answer is basically "it's unenforcable".


You can make as many policies as you like, but as long as the guy implementing the website is some obnoxious, clueless monkey clicking pretty buttons in Frontpage*, it's not going to happen.

*True story : there was one website we needed to access for an official task, and I couldn't access it from Mozilla/Linux/Sparc64 (it was an intranet site, and the salvaged sparc was all I had to work with). Apparently the buttons were ActiveX. I complained to the guy who was in charge of the site, and he gave me a haughty, arrogant look like I was some kind of troublemaker, and said "why can't you use Internet Explorer on Windows like everyone else?"

There are a *LOT* of idiots like that out there. There is no solution to this, except if someone invented a vaccine for stupidity.

-= Nur Hussein =-