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RE: [ossig] "What is Firefox ?" or: Where is MAMPU ?

Hi all,

For quite a while I have been very impressed by the government's efforts
in the Open Source area. I attended numerous events organised by various
ministries and agencies where the government's policy on Open Source and
roadmap etc etc were discussed, ratified and unveiled with much fanfare.
This seemed to augur well.

Examples of actual issues in reality cropping up such as shown by this
thread only makes one wonder!

Actually the main thing I wanted to bring up and which was reinforced on
reading this thread was the issue of the great initiative that the LHDN
(Inland Revenue) has come up with, viz. e-filing for Income Tax filing.

Leaving aside the incredibly convoluted and complex process that they
have come up with, what saddens and angers me is:

1. You cannot download the digital certificate without using IE. (Or at
least I could not figure out a way to do it without IE. After several
attempts in Firefox, and mind you, there is no warning or error, to
indicate why, I suspected that Active-X or some such insidious
requirement might be necessary and finally tried it with IE, when it

2. The form is in Acrobat pdf format, but in a form that requires the
download of Acrobat 7.++ (a 20MB download) to work.

3. Having finally done the download, I found the form was not submitted
without any proper warning or error message until I finally discovered
that IE needs to be open while you are submitting the form to allow the
digital certificate to be accessed for signing the form, after which the
proof of submission screen appears inside IE!

4. A friend had major problems because her computer was an older one
that was running WIN98SE.
So here we have a situation where you have to upgrade your hardware, in
order to then upgrade your OS and then use another proprietary (albeit
free) software to take advantage of an initiative that is ostensibly
intended to make your life easier, more convenient, etc. etc. etc.

Open Standards??? Access??? Freedom of Choice??? Usability???

'Who shall stand guard to the guards themselves?' - Juvenal

with kind regards
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