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Re: [ossig] "What is Firefox ?" or: Where is MAMPU ?

On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 00:46 +0800, Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan wrote:
> not. If government tried to enforce OSS or even Open Standard, then MS
> will be running all over trying to stop it, and accusing government
> that they are dictating procurement.

I find the statement "accusing government that they are dictating
procurement" interesting.

You see, when any government or industry group talks about promoting
foss in the public/private sector, they lobby for an "open standards"
and a vendor neutral policy.

When there is talk about promoting open standards, they lobby for a
skewed definition of open standards that generally mean widely used
"standards" that interoperate with industry leading software (this is
known as a de facto standard and is in no way an open standard).

Then comes the coup de grace in their (admittedly) well played chess
game - they lobby very hard for software patents and rand licensing so
that any other competing software (in particular, foss) cannot compete
in the marketplace by merit and are excluded from any form of
procurement by default.

So effectively, the tables have been turned and we are all left
wondering of who's really been dictating procurement all the while.


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