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[ossig] Radio Advertisements - Light & Easy

Dear all

Earlier today, I was listening to Light & Easy Radio (105.7 I think)..  
I heard this quite so interesting advert.  Basically the advert is 
encouraging it's listeners to take control of all the softwares being 
installed in their companies.  Something about advising you to do audits 
and stuff, also encouraging the listeners to get genuine copies of their 
softwares.  Lastly, it says it is a community service advert from Light 
& Easy..  (I know some people call it Station for 'Orang tua-tua, so sue 
me  ;-)

I wonder, if the add is really a 'community service' from the station 
itself, maybe we should approach them to enlighten them about the 
availability of Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source 
Softwares.  We should approach them not just as concerned individuals 
but also as user-groups and such.  Maybe the advert can be enhaced a bit 
to add something on Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source 
Softwares.  Maybe a little publicity for the Malaysian OSS scene as 
well.  Make it simple, quote the myoss website address on air maybe? 
(Make sure links to alternative softwares prominently displayed of course)

Another thought, I've been thinking, if there's an advert on Light & 
Easy, there should be other stations as well. 

Lastly, I really hope these adverts are really 'community service' from 
the stations, not 'behind the scenes sponsored without credits' adverts 
by a certain corporate entity or something with ulterior hidden agendas 
and motives.


Sincere regards and thanks

Maulvi Bakar

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