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Re: [ossig] Radio Advertisements - Light & Easy

Follow the money ... and you'll get your answers.

On 6/3/06, Aizat Faiz <aizat.faiz@gmail.com> wrote:
Maulvi Bakar wrote:
> Dear all
> Earlier today, I was listening to Light & Easy Radio ( 105.7 I think)..
> I heard this quite so interesting advert.  Basically the advert is
> encouraging it's listeners to take control of all the softwares being
> installed in their companies.  Something about advising you to do audits
> and stuff, also encouraging the listeners to get genuine copies of their
> softwares.  Lastly, it says it is a community service advert from Light
> & Easy..  (I know some people call it Station for 'Orang tua-tua, so sue
> me  ;-)
> I wonder, if the add is really a 'community service' from the station
> itself, maybe we should approach them to enlighten them about the
> availability of Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source
> Softwares.  We should approach them not just as concerned individuals
> but also as user-groups and such.  Maybe the advert can be enhaced a bit
> to add something on Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source
> Softwares.  Maybe a little publicity for the Malaysian OSS scene as
> well.  Make it simple, quote the myoss website address on air maybe?
> (Make sure links to alternative softwares prominently displayed of course)
> Another thought, I've been thinking, if there's an advert on Light &
> Easy, there should be other stations as well.
> Lastly, I really hope these adverts are really 'community service' from
> the stations, not 'behind the scenes sponsored without credits' adverts
> by a certain corporate entity or something with ulterior hidden agendas
> and motives.
> RFCs!!
> Sincere regards and thanks
> Maulvi Bakar
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I have in fact listened to the same adverts, and also there was once the
radio announcer asked a question "What is the website of Microsoft 'Get
the Facts Campaign'?" to win prizes.

If you know anyone in L&E it would be great,


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