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Re: [ossig] Radio Advertisements - Light & Easy

On Sat, 2006-06-03 at 02:20 +0800, Maulvi Bakar wrote:
> Earlier today, I was listening to Light & Easy Radio (105.7 I think)..  
> I heard this quite so interesting advert.  Basically the advert is 
> encouraging it's listeners to take control of all the softwares being 

As an avid listener to radio, I've heard the anti-piracy message so many
times that it has started to get really really irritating.

> softwares.  Lastly, it says it is a community service advert from Light 
> & Easy..  (I know some people call it Station for 'Orang tua-tua, so sue 
> me  ;-)

Well, I suppose some can argue that it is a public interest community
service (reduction of piracy levels in developing countries allegedly
encourage entrepreneurs to build/sell their wares - real world stats
speak a different story, but that's another blog/mail post :-) ).

> availability of Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source 
> Softwares.  We should approach them not just as concerned individuals 
> but also as user-groups and such.  Maybe the advert can be enhaced a bit 
> to add something on Free (Libre and Beer/Teh Tarik) and Open Source 

Sounds good. If the initial legwork can be done (feasibility as well
what's required to be submitted to them), we can definitely pursue this
under the umbrella of OSSIG and/or ODFSIG.

However, somebody will need to step up and volunteer to do the initial
legwork (I will, unfortunately, be too busy in the next two months
getting other foss stuff up and running).


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