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Re: [ossig] Asia Commons, Day 2

Ditesh Kumar wrote:
> Asia Commons, Day 2
> So the second day started off with yours truly getting up to birds
> chirping and the Thai women speaking in the sweet dulcet tones that all
> men have come to recognize as heaven on Earth.
> The second day was all about knowledge sharing and discussions. There
> was a session on speed sharing. It is a twist on lightning talks which
> are fairly common in geek and/or FOSS conferences. Each table is
> designated a speed sharer who talks on a particular issue/theme for 10
> minutes. The participants move from table to table and are encouraged to
> discuss issues and opportunities at the table.
> A particular table I found interesting was a project by a Bangladeshi
> group that used their expertise in radio communications to allow for the
> youth to broadcast their own programs. Among the ways the youths
> communicated their message to the public was narrow casting
> (loudspeakers), burning their programs on to a DVD and  settings up TV's
> with their program playing in coffeeshops, and patching into the cable
> system and broadcasting their information.
> What excited me about this was the subversion of an information flow
> channel of state controlled media in a country where Internet access is
> not necessarily available. A fantastic idea and a great way to ensure
> equitable access to information and knowledge.
> We also had the open space session whereby every participant was
> encouraged to put up a topic to speak on for 45 minutes. My session is
> tomorrow and I'll be speaking on the US free trade agreements and how it
> affects the commons. There was a session on countering IP propaganda led
> by the ineffable Lawrence Liang and Indymedia's Sasha. It was fairly
> informative.
> Evening was a night out with Sam, Khairil, Anita with Chinarat as our
> tourguide. It was fun, other then a drunk Thai deciding to take on an
> unsolicited role of a tour guide to me (why oh why does my path always
> cross those of the strangest people?) :-)
> I got to speak to James Love (of CPTech fame) about his suggestion to
> introduce an alternative IPR chapter in the US-MY free trade agreement
> negotiations. He sent me the following links that may be of interest to
> those who are following this issue:
>       * http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-love/the-usmalaysia-trade-pac_b_19584.html 
>       * http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-love/globalization-in-a-good-w_b_17974.html 
>       * http://www.cptech.org/ip/health/rndtf/bridges042004.pdf 
> I needed to get some work done later in the night, and headed down to
> the conference room for some late night Internet surfing. Turns out, I
> was not the only midnight owl as Sasha, James, Linda, Jac and a couple
> of other froods I forgot the names of, were happily getting work done
> over a bottle of Scotch. Had a long conversation with a friend over some
> Scotch, got sleepy and headed back :-)
> It's day 3 now and unfortunately most participants have left. Will post
> day 3 observations in a day or so.
> Ditesh
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Well I'm happy someone else is taking my role of reporting these events 
:) well its good that your reporting this, and having lots of fun in the 
same time.

Hope to hear more,


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