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[ossig] [Fwd: MNCC's ODF Special Interest Group]

interested party pls visit www.mncc.com.my.

best wishes
/nan phin

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Subject: MNCC's ODF Special Interest Group
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 17:11:45 +0800
From: lcy <lcy@mncc.po.my>
To: admin@mncc.po.my

Dear all,
A group of interested MNCC members got together on 11 May 2006 to form the
the Open Document Format Special Interest Group (or ODF SIG).
The SIG aims to promote the adoption of the ODF standard in Malaysia.
ODF is an open standard approved as an International Standard by ISO
(ISO/IEC 26300). It is a standard upon which applications for office productivity
(text, spreadsheet and presentations) can be designed.  ODF can be implemented
in open source or proprietary applications.
The main benefits of ODF are
- interoperability of documents with users having choice for the applications
from multiple vendors
- the standard itself is openly developed, maintained and
maintained and improved in a community, with no one party controlling it.
MNCC members who want to get more actively involved in the SIG are
most welcomed to do so. Please refer to MNCC's website: www.mncc.com.my
or the information given below. Thanks.
Lim Chen Yam

About the MNCC ODF Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

To promote the adoption of ODF (OpenDocument Format) and open standards in Malaysia.
Key Strategies
  • Heighten awareness on ODF and open standards
  • Work with relevant bodies to implement adoption of solutions based on ODF and open standards


In accordance with the rules of the MNCC, only individuals are eligible for membership of the SIG. The ODF SIG is open to individuals who are interested in supporting and promoting ODF and open standards.

For more information about the MNCC ODF SIG please send email to odfsig-admin@mncc.com.my.


best wishes.
/nan phin

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