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RE: [ossig] Changes in the industry

Hi Ditesh, 
My idea from quite some distance is that companies that have not been able
to offer a financial model around their offerings in the form of an
ecosystem are definitely being affected in the sense you are mentioning.

Sun has been having its own set of problems, Microsoft has been having
problems with its Vista stuff, obviously it had problems with Windows ME and
so forth, then regarding Novell or IBM, yes they may have their competition
issues but I would doubt their financial cuttings because those companies
that are offering complete solutions built around the Open Source Stacks
binding them with the relevant hardware are still doing good. 

But again, the issue of Microsoft dominance is still dominant. Yes where
regions are realizing the potential of open alternative business models,
they do have Open ICT Ecosystems developing in their regions but that is way
different from Corporate Fortune 500 America. 

So we have both sides of the disruptions taking place.

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan

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In recent times, the following has occured:

a) Sun announces change of guard
b) Microsoft announces change of guard
c) Novell announces change of guard
d) (less relevant) SGI announces change of guard

The industry seems to be going through a shakeup. All are having
financial issues (issues meaning that they ain't keeping the
shareholders happy, happy being a relative term of course). The first
three have a substantive stake in the success (or lack there of) in

A fairly broad question - how do you chaps see these changes affecting
the commercial foss industry?

On a personal note, I hope (c) doesn't affect Novell's substantial foss
offerings. Some very interesting work is ongoing there!


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