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[ossig] [Fwd: MNCC's Evening Talk on 29 (Thursday) June 2006 - OpenDocumentFormat (ODF): towards true open standards]


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Subject: MNCC's Evening Talk on 29 (Thursday) June 2006 - OpenDocument Format (ODF): towards true open standards
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:03:32 +0800
From: lcy <lcy@mncc.po.my>
To: admin@mncc.po.my

Dear all,

The Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) is organizing an evening talk on 'OpenDocument Format (ODF): towards true open standards' as part of the series of Evening Talks planned for the year 2006. Details of the evening talk are as follows:

Title:  OpenDocument Format (ODF): towards true open standards

Synopsis:  OpenDocument Format (ODF) is an international ISO/IEC standard for office productivity suites that promises to provide full interoperability using a truly open standard. The talk will explain what ODF is and its benefits, how it is implemented as open source and proprietary applications, the way forward for Malaysia and the issues that need to be overcome.

Speaker:       En. Hasanuddin Saidin
Event Chair: Hj. Mohd Afandi Ismail
                         Council Member, MNCC
Date :             29 June 2006
Time :            7.00 pm (Tea served before the event)
Venue :         The Auditorium, 
                        Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,
                        University of Malaya,  Pantai Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Admission: Free for MNCC members, on a first come first served basis.

(Please quote your membership number during registration)

Others: RM 20.00 per person
Student: RM 10.00 per person

Biodata:  Hasannudin Saidin has had 23 years experience in IBM Malaysia and has held various technical, sales, marketing, consulting and management positions in the company. In his current role as Manager for Government Programs, he manages IBM's relations with the Government and provides consultation to the Government in ICT-related national policies that affect IBM and the ICT industry. His focus areas are open ICT ecosystems and national innovation policies. Hasan has an MBA from University of Wales

Participants who are interested to attend should register via
admin@mncc.po.my or call Syam or Nonie at 03-71183040.

Please register early as only limited seats available. Thanks.


Lim Chen Yam


best wishes.
/nan phin

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