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Re: [ossig] Changes in the industry

personally, on the local front i see a lot of web related companies
picking up foss applications as the first choice of platform and putting
on a fair amount of customisations to their implementations. this is an
encouraging trend to the local ict industry in moving upwards from sales
dealer to being 'value-add'ers

globally there are more big enterprises who are now actively
participating in the foss community, either in terms of money or people.
companies like google add some sparkle thru the google summer of code,
and ibm, sun, novell giving corporate acknowledgement behind the foss

Raja Iskandar Shah

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From: Ditesh Kumar <ditesh@gathani.org>
Date: Friday, June 23, 2006 2:26 am
Subject: [ossig] Changes in the industry

> In recent times, the following has occured:
> a) Sun announces change of guard
> b) Microsoft announces change of guard
> c) Novell announces change of guard
> d) (less relevant) SGI announces change of guard
> The industry seems to be going through a shakeup. All are having
> financial issues (issues meaning that they ain't keeping the
> shareholders happy, happy being a relative term of course). The first
> three have a substantive stake in the success (or lack there of) in
> foss.
> A fairly broad question - how do you chaps see these changes affecting
> the commercial foss industry?
> On a personal note, I hope (c) doesn't affect Novell's substantial 
> fossofferings. Some very interesting work is ongoing there!
> Regards,
> Ditesh
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