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Re: [ossig] Changes in the industry

On 06/23/06 02:26 Ditesh Kumar said the following:
> a) Sun announces change of guard
> b) Microsoft announces change of guard
> c) Novell announces change of guard
> d) (less relevant) SGI announces change of guard
> The industry seems to be going through a shakeup. All are having
> financial issues (issues meaning that they ain't keeping the

this is pretty normal and is part of the cycle of the industry, for the 
last shakeup happened 25 years ago as the PC replaced the monolithic 
mainframes and central processing units which hallmarked the IBMs, Unisys 
and Amdahls of the industry then.

the same will happen on the coporate landscape as we see a string of 
mergers and acquisitions as erstwhile rivals team up to form a single entity.

open source as a paradigm has to play within this space, or to put it 
another way, to leverage off the changes which are happenning. the manner 
in which the consumer interfaces with technology today has also changed 
tremendously with many succesful models of high technology delivered as a 
service (google, iTunes/iPod, eBay, Amazon). all of these movements need to 
be factored into the play, if open source is to capitalized on the inroads 
made in the previous decade.

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