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Re: [ossig] Changes in the industry


do i sense a hint of nationalism from you ? hehe..

all of the technologies that you mentioned have got demand potential.
especially database engines and network and security related.

i think one of the challenges faced by the homegrown ict companies is
lack of belief (this is just generalisation) either from the producer
side and/or market side - mainly from the fear of the 'unknown'. some of
the successful local companies have done well by hooking up with
industry leading 'big brothers' like ibm, sun, hp, etc. local companies
need to open up more to global participation (whoever it was that coined
'glokal' had a point).

i was in a discussion a few months back, where it was mentioned that the
act of collaboration in foss tantamounts to wasting away intellectual
property. i have a different viewpoint - the more malaysians participate
in foss, the more references that we have that malaysians too have got
brains. it's like the world cup, the more we participate (and succeed),
the higher is the level of recognition. if we dont participate, then we
are creating our own image of the 'unknown'.

Raja Iskandar Shah

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> On 06/24/06 11:01 Raja Iskandar Shah said the following:
> > encouraging trend to the local ict industry in moving upwards 
> from sales
> > dealer to being 'value-add'ers
> this is indeed an encouraging trend, but it can't stagnate here. 
> as an 
> industry, particularly one which needs to be driven by indigenous 
> software, 
> we need to move across the entire software stack. in the malaysian 
> space, 
> this means more concentration on admittedly more complex and 
> sophisticated 
> software lower down the stack: operating systems, drivers, 
> embedded 
> devices, database engines, network-related technologies to name a few.
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