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Re: [ossig] Changes in the industry

On 06/25/06 14:29 Ditesh Kumar said the following:
> revolution is starting/has just started? what are the changes you see as
> being indicative of this?

i've already mentioned them, and so have you. there're three substantial moves:

1. the changing of the guard
2. the changing business model
3. mergers and acquisitions in ICT and telecomms industry

> * the foss developmental methodology is delivering, hence indicating

the jury is still out on this.

> * browser technology has finally been able to deliver on its promise of
> products to be delivered as services

which in itself is another cycle of technology. witness how the mainframes 
led with an intelligent central core tied to really dumb serial or 6270 
terminals. this was overturned by the PC revolution with its client-server 
model, where the intelligence was also pushed to the client (the PC). then 
came the web which reverted to an intelligent core (webserver, cgi, 
servlets, asp, whatever) and a dumb client (the browser).

now with AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, we're cycling back to a more intelligent 
end device and a thinner inner core.

anyone want to predict what the next iteration will be ?

> collaboration between individuals - foss, blogging, research are prime
> examples of high value creation from this flatter world we live in.

high value collaboration from blogging ? pray do tell where this beast exists.

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