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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Changes in the industry

On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 11:57 +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:
> 1. the changing of the guard
> 2. the changing business model
> 3. mergers and acquisitions in ICT and telecomms industry

correct me if I'm mistaken, but all of these are effects not the causes.
I was actually wondering what are the causes that have led to (1), (2),
(3). sure it may be cyclical, but it happening now must have a reason.
my question is - what do you and others feel are the reasons?

> > * the foss developmental methodology is delivering, hence indicating
> the jury is still out on this.

i'll disagree given a substantial amount of investment put into business
models that are, in part or whole, foss related. perhaps you have an
alternative viewpoint on this?

> > * browser technology has finally been able to deliver on its promise of
> > products to be delivered as services
> now with AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, we're cycling back to a more intelligent 
> end device and a thinner inner core.

fundamentally, the concepts are the same but as they say, the devil is
in the details. what we have now is technologically far more advanced
compared to the previous iterations, and this would allow for many more
opportunities then before.

as an analogy, it's like saying "networks are networks", but not seeing
that some networks are billions of machines interconnected worldwide and
others are just statewide. the scale makes a difference as different
opportunities rise and are leveraged as 

> > collaboration between individuals - foss, blogging, research are prime
> > examples of high value creation from this flatter world we live in.
> high value collaboration from blogging ? pray do tell where this beast exists.

My bad - I realized it a few minutes after I hit send!

Khairil is right - I was referring to knowledge sharing, and to which
blogging is one aspect of it. Technology enables easier forms of
knowledge sharing and that in itself is a strong force driving
collaborative efforts in knowledge creation and dissemination.

As to webpages, I remeber it being incredibly annoying and difficult to
use for non tech users (yes, even with geocities web builder tool!). The
rise of blogging tools are another indication of technological progress
that have facilitated new abilities to create, share and disseminate
knowledge by individuals.


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