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[ossig] India picks up support for ODF

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India picks up support for ODF

Last Friday, 23 June 2006 the India chapter of the ODF Alliance
conducted a National Seminar on ODF in New Delhi. Quoting an article on
the event:

        Welcoming this initiative and highlighting its importance in
        Indian IT Scenario, Chandershekhar, secretary, Ministry of
        Information & Technology, Government of India said, "We are glad
        to note that with formation of a National ODF alliance, India
        too would be playing a pivotal role in spearheading the ODF
        revolution. Further, considering the huge potential of
        eGovernance in the nation as well as the need to adopt open
        standards to make our data systems more inter-operable and
        independent of any limiting proprietary tools, we feel that ODF
        is a great technological leap and a big boon to further propel
        IT right to India's grass root levels. I congratulate this
        initiative of leading private & public organisations and wish
        them all the best in this endeavor."

In another article in conjunction with the event, it was reported that
several government departments in New Delhi have decided to switch over
to ODF.

Note that the India chapter of the ODF Alliance includes CDAC (Centre
for Development of Advanced Computing) and IIT (Indian Institute of

I have encouraged before that Malaysian organizations and companies join
the ODF Alliance and I should say now that these include Malaysian
institutions of higher learning. We already have a Malaysian ODF SIG
(special interest group) of individuals, but when sufficient number of
local Malaysian organizations group together as ODF Alliance members, a
different kind of ODF grouping and support will surely emerge in


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