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[ossig] MyLUG Open Source Talks


MyLUG, in accordance with Kinokuniya, KLCC (4th floor) are having a 
little "open source" promotion by the looks of it, and some might 
enjoy/benefit from going to the free[1] talks. They're all run by PC 
Low, who's no stranger to these lists

22nd July 7pm - Moving from Windows to Linux

29th July 7pm - Troubleshooting Linux

Also remember that Kinokuniya are giving a 20% discount on selected 
Linux titles, with purchases of another item. The book they had on 
promotion seemed to be by Mark Sobell - A Practical Guide to Linux 
Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming - its not too bad a book for 
beginners, as the publishers did send me a couple of these books a while 
back for review.

	best regards,

[1] - it mentions its free for MyLUG members, though I don't know what 
that actually means as I thought the organisation didn't exist any 

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