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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

If you intend to build a new web application from scratch, the best tool in the market in Ruby on Rails http://www.rubyonrails.com. Otherwise if you are looking at hooking up with some existing enterprise app, using J2EE is better (don't use JSP on it's own). If you intend to host it on the Internet on a third-party hosting site, use PHP (it's the most well accepted platform).

Vincent Lee wrote:
hi Raja,

i would like to humbly recommend jsp, there are plenty of framework to select
from as well. of course, i will skip the lengthy and endless discussions on
various technical merits of j2ee architecture.


--- Lim Swee Tat <st_lim@stlim.net> wrote:

   You might want to consider using php.  Consider the web development 
frameworks like symfony (http://www.symfony-project.com/) or studs 

Lim Swee Tat

Raja Iskandar Shah said the following on Sunday 09,July,2006 11:18 AM:
any tips / thots between using jsp or php ? this is for a web
application for a (mainly intranet) business intelligence application
for industries in the financial sector.

Raja Iskandar Shah

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From: Colin Charles <byte@aeon.com.my>
Date: Friday, July 7, 2006 8:39 am
Subject: [ossig] MyLUG Open Source Talks


MyLUG, in accordance with Kinokuniya, KLCC (4th floor) are having 
little "open source" promotion by the looks of it, and some might 
enjoy/benefit from going to the free[1] talks. They're all run by 
Low, who's no stranger to these lists

22nd July 7pm - Moving from Windows to Linux

29th July 7pm - Troubleshooting Linux

Also remember that Kinokuniya are giving a 20% discount on 
Linux titles, with purchases of another item. The book they had on 
promotion seemed to be by Mark Sobell - A Practical Guide to Linux 
Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming - its not too bad a book 
beginners, as the publishers did send me a couple of these books a 
back for review.

   best regards,

[1] - it mentions its free for MyLUG members, though I don't know 
that actually means as I thought the organisation didn't exist any 

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