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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

On 7/11/06, Chang Sau Sheong <cssheong@pacific.net.sg> wrote:
C was 'cobbled into existence'. Unix was 'cobbled into existence'. So was Linux et al.

C was designed, and perhaps by judging with modern-day programming language design sensibilities, some of the design choices do seem questionable. But it was designed, nevertheless.

PHP does not seem to have any design at all, and looks like an incidental byproduct of a series of tacked-on hacks. That's not a good thing for a programming language to be.

-= Nur Hussein =-
PHP was originally called 'Personal Home Page' because that was its origins. Today I can develop standalone applications using PHP (http://gtk.php.net). PHP is an evolved platform, each version getting better. It is derogatory to call it a 'hack'.

Nur Hussein wrote:
On 7/11/06, Chang Sau Sheong <cssheong@pacific.net.sg> wrote:
I disagree that PHP is a 'hack'. It has less hooks to other enterprise
(read 'vendor developed') applications but it is as compelling a
platform as any.

PHP is most definitely a hack, as it was cobbled into existence rather than designed, and it shows. Take one example, register_globals. I know it's turned off by default now, but *why was it even allowed to exist in the first place* in a *web language*?

-= Nur Hussein =-

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