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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

yes, I have plenty of reasons for choosing j2ee, but I try to avoid going too
deep into the technical part because this is a linux mailing list, not so much
of a forum like theserverside.com. 

if I were to start talking about the whole j2ee architecture, from using j2me,
EJB and many other java technologies that allow Raja's financial application to
open up to endless possibilities, I think the people in this mailing list would
ban me from sending emails... hahaha... the point is, by being considerate to
the people in OSSIG mailing list, I refrain myself from going into deep
technical discussions on application development ...... I might do that on
other developer mailing list though...

As the technical "sparring" could be endless, and there's no referee, there
will be no winners, and no losers... so, it is better to let the market's
collective wisdom decide what is best platform for financial applications (so
far, j2ee is the preferred choice for financial applications, based on market).

> heh. clearly when you made your recommendation to use j2ee over php, you
> must had a reason. i have not seen any articulated yet.
> > For websites, php is cool, for web-based financial applications, I still
> > recommend j2ee.....
> the problem is that you have not justified why, else the recommendation
> to use j2ee over php will not carry any merit.


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