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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

mel wrote:
my company, and many other companies still choose j2ee as their platform for
developing commercial financial applications, including ERP etc.

i started with j2ee as well to develop some huge critical apps before
and the reasons were exactly what you've argued for here. but that was
four years ago - and now, i don't see any reason why php is inferior
compared to j2ee for financial apps. can you elaborate? cut out the
marketing/business stuff...

Why cut out the marketing/business stuff? Technology is only part of the issue in developing product software. Having good tools is important but the difference between PHP and J2EE in terms of delivering a good piece of software is marginal and in any case it's the people, not the tools that's important in developing software.

If you're talking abt purely a comparison between PHP and J2EE from a technology perspective, someone who is very well versed in both can probably come up with a point by point comparison on the merits and deficiencies in both. Ultimately I believe for a purely web application, they don't differ much, PHP is at least as good as J2EE but with less overhead and costs to boot. However most enterprise applications are NOT purely web-based (as you would know since you have developed such applications before). Is J2EE better than PHP? I would say it depends on the application, the country and culture, the customer, the support team, the business relationships etc. Developing and selling software is complex, and if we just focus on the technical stuff we're going to miss out the real picture.

BTW on a personal basis I develop in Ruby, because I enjoy Ruby better than Java or PHP :)

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