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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

j2ee is very huge.... if I start talking about a small part of j2ee, the
technical discussion may be skewed, if I start talking about the entire j2ee, a
few emails won't be enough (may be thousand of emails - which I don't have the
time to do so)... that's why I avoid going into specific features of a
platform, readers could swing from one angle to another....

essentially, j2ee is preferred as a whole package for "financial
applications"... more details available at http://java.sun.com/ . Once you read
browse thru the entire website, you don't need to be a smart person to figure
out why java is preferred...

for cool websites... php ( I do that on tikiwiki, my company website is also
using php), for financial applications... j2ee lor...

--- mel <melingm@gmail.com> wrote:
> > my company, and many other companies still choose j2ee as their platform
> for
> > developing commercial financial applications, including ERP etc.
> i started with j2ee as well to develop some huge critical apps before
> and the reasons were exactly what you've argued for here. but that was
> four years ago - and now, i don't see any reason why php is inferior
> compared to j2ee for financial apps. can you elaborate? cut out the
> marketing/business stuff...
> --mel 
> http://theron.com.my/blog
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