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[ossig] Sun's Thumper

damn, this is sweet stuff! and its good to see Sun monetizing their foss
work (solaris, zfs). the killer here is not the hardware (which does
rock) but the filesystem. zfs makes other *nix filesystems look
positively ancient!

anybody want to pool together the USD70k to buy the Thumper? :-p



As an example, tomorrow morning we're introducing a new product,
internally named "Thumper." It's a 4 core server with 24 terabytes of
storage, housed within a very small (4 RU) box, leveraging the most
advanced file system to hit the market in years, ZFS.

We're still figuring out what to call the product, "open source storage"
or "a data server," but by running a general purpose OS on a general
purpose server platform, packed to the gills with storage capacity, you
can actually run databases, video pumps or business intelligence apps
directly on the device itself, and get absolutely stunning performance.
Without custom hardware (ZFS puts into software what was historically
done with specialized hardware). All for around $2.50/gigabyte - with
all software included.


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