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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

On Tue, 2006-07-11 at 14:44 +0100, Vincent Lee wrote:
> yes, I have plenty of reasons for choosing j2ee, but I try to avoid going too
> deep into the technical part because this is a linux mailing list, not so much
> of a forum like theserverside.com. 

actually its not a linux only mailing list :) we have all sorts of
discussions here.

> if I were to start talking about the whole j2ee architecture, from using j2me,
> EJB and many other java technologies that allow Raja's financial application to
> open up to endless possibilities, I think the people in this mailing list would

i'm personally interested in hearing in why, from a technical
perspective, why you would feel the j2ee stack can fulfill requirements
and the php stack cannot?

we were just getting started, when you mentioned some alleged advantages
of the stack. i would like that discussion to continue.

> ban me from sending emails... hahaha... the point is, by being considerate to
> the people in OSSIG mailing list, I refrain myself from going into deep
> technical discussions on application development ...... I might do that on
> other developer mailing list though...

considerate? heh, some might consider that statement to be patronizing.

> As the technical "sparring" could be endless, and there's no referee, there
> will be no winners, and no losers... so, it is better to let the market's

actually there are winners and losers. some ideas are better then
others, and the only way we determine so is by a healthy and honest

so, i'm waiting to hear, from a technical perspective, the justification
of the original statement you made.


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