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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

is that so with c? what happens when language extensions are added just
to be able to compile the kernel? what happens when vendors add compiler
specific extensions that slowly get accepted across the industry? is
that really design by your standards?

Those are implementation issues, not design issues. And I'm not dissing PHP's *implementation* either. The design and specs to C, C++ and Java are there up front, whether or not you choose to implement it badly is up to you. Not saying those languages are perfect, errors of judgement in the design of the language can lead to serious consequences. But not having a design at all like PHP, that does not make me comfortable.

the correct form would be: "You probably can write secure, maintainable
code in PHP, just as you can write secure, maintainable code in C.".

if you grok that statement, you would have just grokked the skill of
writing software.

I get what you're implying. But then again nobody writes web apps in C, for a good reason. For me, PHP being a language developed in "modern times" for applications that are going to be exposed to the big bad intarw3b needs to be:

1) Easy to write secure code
2) Very high-level

Once you throw in "enterprise-software" requirements into the mix, you also need it to be

3) Maintainable
4) Scalable

PHP succeeds at 2, and fails at 1. And it's *too* easy to write code that fails at 3 too. 4 I won't comment on.

So PHP doesn't appeal to me at all. Sorry. No offense intended to anyone who actually does use PHP (I know I have friends who do, on this list).

-= Nur Hussein =-