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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

Ditesh Kumar wrote:
>>As sysadmin for mambo and wordpress, I really wished it was more 
>>difficult to write an insecure application.
> The problem here is the developers, not the platform. I've seen equally
> badly written j2ee software, 

Ditesh, now, what is more fud-dy:

1. me stating that it is easy to write insecure code with PHP

2. some other chap considering the developers of certain prominent 
applications 'problematic'


M/J is one of the leading CMSes, W is one of the leading blog softwares, 
P is *the* web-based MySQL admin tool.

Food for thought: Is it all the developers only or could it as well be 
at least partially the platform ?

And this is no effort to flame about. I'm actually curious to hear 
opinions on this question.


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